Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why W's Visit to Kabul is Good for My Upcoming Visit

The Prez and Mrs. Bush made a surprise visit to Kabul yesterday, on their way to India and Pakistan. I am disappointed our delegation was not there during the ribbon cutting at the new American Embassy.

I (and most of the other participants on the journey) wondered if his visit would have any impact on the mood in Kabul. Will the visit stir hostility and did it blanket over more peace? That remains to be seen.

But, the reason his visit to Kabul was good is because the Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai, made a comment which made me think. NPR broadcast a brief clip of Karzai thanking President Bush for all he's done for Afghanistan, including eradicating tourism.

Tourism? I had to pause and think about this - did I hear correctly? He then said the word again and it was distinctly, tourism.

For some reason, I thought of the time around Sept. 11 when W was everywhere, promising to defeat tourism. With that southern drawl, terrorism sounds like tourism.

Obviously, we can assume that Karzai was thanking the President for stamping out terrorism, although, tourism was diminished by the US's actions, too.

And how does this affect me? Well, when customs agents ask my profession, I reply, "tourism sales." If I enter Afghanistan and am asked my profession, what will happen if I reply, "terrorism sales?" Think I'll just say I'm a travel agent.

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