Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Miles Away

I'm sitting at the Dubai Creek Hilton, overlooking the night scenery. Buildings are new. Cars are new. No one is honking a horn. There is a sense of order. Hard to believe that hours ago I was in a country at the crossroads, determining what it wants to be.

The Ariana flight was 'interesting.' The Afghan men took note of the 11 Western women on the flight and really didn't know how to react to us. They stole glances and stares. Then the cameras came out and EVERYONE wanted their photo taken. Wonder if it was their first trip on a plane. The CNN terrorism expert, who interviewed Osama Bin Laden, Peter someone, was on the flight, too.

My journey west begins at 2 AM local time (don't ask what time that is in Florida). I'll be home by around 9 PM and work on Friday.

What a long trip it's been. I'm digesting everything and don't know how my Western-mentality will comprehend everything I've experienced.

Thanks for joining in the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Safe travels home Jen... Thanks for sharing your adventure. Paula