Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gnome is Packed, Ready to Travel

It's the night prior. My two bags are packed - both carry-ons. I'm traveling light. The ugliest, least form-fitting and most unattractive cloths I've ever worn are included in the luggage. The ugly clothing is not returning back to the States with me.

I'm ready for the journey to begin. I realize that most of you don't understand why I'm making the trip. I fully don't understand why other than I feel the need to go. For both personal and professional growth. Personal to help define who I am - a curious, caring citizen of the world who's still trying to find her way and professionally for my writing and story telling.

I appreciate everyone's calls and emails of support, they do mean a lot to me. And, I'm sorry for frightening some of you. I know many of you will be on edge while I'm away, but I will be OK and will be back, safely, March 16. Plus, I got some last-minute, expert advice from a security contractor who just returned from Kabul a month ago. I am taking his advice to heart.

Now, let the journey begin.


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Jenn, on your fabulous travels. I look forward to reading about your visit on the blog and, of course, when you come to Sarasota.

Luv ya,
Mary Lou "spin"

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday morning Jenn, I'm thinking of you and your ugly clothes. (ha-ha) Wondering what you are doing this evening, while i'm playing reception girl at a temp job I'm working for today.

May your diamond within sparkle.
kiss, kiss,