Saturday, March 04, 2006

Getting There is Half the Fun (or, that damn goose)

It's Saturday evening - I'm supposed to be in the air on my way to Dubai, but not the case. Thanks to a goose playing chicking (and losing) with my plane, our departure from Atlanta was delayed about 2 hours (please realize, I do feel bad about the goose). I only had a 90-minute connection in Paris to begin with - that's why I only packed carry-ons with me. Good thing.

When I went to the service desk in Paris to get "service" they were going to put me on the same flight tomorrow (Sunday). I pouted a bit, remembered some French and begged. I'm now sitting in the Amsterdam airport. I've always wanted to visit the Netherlands and Amsterdam - but always imagined I'd be seeing more than the airport.

My flight to Dubai leaves in 2 hours (if all goes to plan). I arrive at 6 AM, the time my flight to Kabul leaves. I called the travel agent and of course, he was shocked to hear from me. There's only one flight to Kabul a day (I thought tourism was growing? Lift into Kabul should be increasing).

He told me, "you'll be spending the night in Dubai." I thought this was a question and not a statement.

I'm rebooked on a flight Monday and now I get to see a bit of Dubai - more than the airport at least. Somehow, I'll have to catch up with the group on my own - by calling our guide once I get there.

As the travel agent said, "oh, you're going to have an adventure."

And isn't that what life's about?

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