Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Best Made Plans

Although my connection from Amsterdam to Dubai arrived at 5:30 this morning, the hour through passport control and 15 minute taxi ride to terminal 2 made it impossible for me to grab the Kabul flight - either on my scheduled airline or another.

And after spending 2.5 days in the same clothing, without a shower since Friday morning, my gold status is pampering me at the Dubai Creek Hilton. Having a shower, I feel like a human again.

The executive lounge overlooks the city of Dubai - and the 'creek' - which is really a massive river. There are amazing buildings every where - examples of sustainable building - lots of glass and dynamic shapes. It's about 9 AM on a Sunday and the city is alive - it's more akin to a Monday morning in the States.

In the short time I've been here, I've had two marriage proposals - ok, slight exaggeration - but proposals of "relationship." The taxi driver wants me to write a sponsor letter for him so he can live in the States. The bellman almost the same. Don't worry, I used an alias name and address.

So tomorrow, the plan is to hop on a flight to Kabul - I hope. All necessary parties have been notified of what happened. I'm nervous about flying on my own - not being with the group. I really rely heavily on "safety in numbers." It's not the flying, but arriving in Kabul. I thought I read somewhere about taking a taxi if our guide wasn't there - but I could be wrong about that.

That scenario has me freaked out - what if I'm kidnapped? OK, maybe an exaggeration - but I'll be on alert, keeping my "head on a swivel," as was advised to me.

But, if I can do this - I have no doubt I can do about anything.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, Just want you to know I'm keeping up with you and hope all is going well!
Take care,
Danah Heye

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen:

It is definitely turning out to be a real life experience. When you arrive at the aiport, make sure you hire the taxi cab before you head out of the airport. They should have official transportation "kiosks" inside the airport. Keep on living!