Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Traveling Companion Needs No Visa

Watching a mostly-naked Bushman traverse across the African plains in order to return a glass Coke bottle to the gods made me laugh. It still does. I'm referring to the movie, "The Gods Must Be Crazy". Xi, the main character of the film, carries the Coca-Cola bottle that fell from the skies (an airplane) throughout the movie. It's a story of Western society invading/touching/corrupting (?) a simple and different world.

While I worked in Yellowstone, my friend Jen O. and I began carrying and photographing ourselves with a box of Muselix. We took it camping and hiking with us and when we went our separate ways at the end of each summer, we our own box of Muselix to create Kodak moments.

My friends at Travelocity are providing me with a travel companion for my upcoming trip - a gnome. If you haven't seen the gnome yet, check out Travelocity's website. The gnome will join me on the journey and I will document his experiences, too. Don't think he needs a visa.

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